Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art of Malay Machete

                  Malay machete as known as 'parang' in Malay is an ancient blade used by Malay people. It is a useful equipment to cut things like woods, slaughter an animal or in hunting. They also used it as a weapon to protect them self from danger. Malay warriors used it in war beside kris. Until today, machete is still being use and it resembles the Malay culture and heritage. Pictures above shows part of my collection of machetes. These machetes is a special made and it project a beautiful art of Malay culture where you can see the hilt and  scabbard was carved in various shape and pattern.
                The blade of machete is made from metal and the hilt and scabbard made from 'serian' wood. The serian wood is tough and beautiful woods. Its have natural art likes a  painting in a surface.This carvings of these machetes is combination of the art from Sarawak and Malay machete. For those who interested to buy the machete, you can email me at There are many of my collection other than the two machetes ( one the machete in the picture already sold) shows in the pictures above. You can give your contact through my email and we can discuss the price and type of machete that you would like.

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