Friday, August 27, 2010

colonial coins

8R  1808  LIMAE-JP             Charles IV portrait coinage   (Mexico City) 
Obverse:  CAROLUS · IIII ·     DEI · GRATIA · 1808 ·
Reverse:   · HISPAN · ET IND · REX · [M monogram] · 2 R · J · P ·
Weight:  97.9 g   (6.33 grams)                  Diameter:  27.0 mm
Comments:  This is an example of the "portrait" or "modified pillar" design with a portrait of Charles IV on the obverse and the Spanish arms between the two pillars on the reverse. In the reverse legend the monogram 'M' is the mintmark indicating the coin was produced at the mint in Mexico City. This is followd by '8 R' which indicates the denomination of eight reales. The T and the H are the initials of the assayers. In the date there are breaks probably due to defective punches in the numbers 8 and 0.

This coin available for sell.

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